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The "ARTS" have dominated my life. My first training was in painting, drawing & photography which led to a passion for the performing arts. College was a balancing act of theatre, music, voice, painting and dance. Photography became the medium through which I could express the many facets of myself. I did not have to choose. I could combine all the elements of my training with dramatic often times lyrical effects. My preference in composition leans toward bold statements using form, strong light and simple design. I consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to train and work in NYC as assistant to the famed theater/dance photographer Jack Mitchell. My photography has been seen in numerous publications including the New York Times, New York Magazine, Dance Magazine, Dance Studio Life & The Advocate. Most recent publication is Watermark with the Cover & feature article with comedian Christine O'Leary for ST Pete Pride July of 2012. My child portraits of Natalie Portman can be seen in her film "Black Swan" for which she was awarded the Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Actress in 2011. I have had the pleasure of working with and photographing Actress Brooke Lyons who has many Television & Film credits to her name including "Two Broke Girls" in the role of "Peach", The Crazy Ones & Psych: The Musical. I served as photographer for Brooke's book "Scoliosis: Ascending the Curve". Entering my 25th Season & counting as the Founder of New England Ballet Company I have been provided an endless array of inspiration for my work as a photographer. I am the Official Photographer for New England Ballet Company, Les Ballets Eloelle & Image/256 Productions. I am pleased to be recently appointed as Executive Director for the non-profit New England Ballet Company. As a member of the "Imperial Sovereign Court of all CT" I provide service as an event photographer & assist in raising funds for various non-profit organizations. I am proud to serve as a photographer to the LGBTQI community at large and to the non-profit organizations that support the LGBTQI community and the fight for EQUAL Rights for all Humans.

Portraits, Headshots or Portfolios please feel free to contact me for pricing. Also available for Production & Event photography. or 203-494-9205

Please "LIKE" my "Kenn Hopkins Photographer", "Image 256/Productions" & "Dragtographer" pages on facebook.


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